Potty Training Rewards: 8 Proven Ways to Motivate Your Child!

rewards for potty training

Looking for the best types of potty training rewards to encourage your little one? You’re in luck! In this article, I’m going to cover some of the most common and effective types of rewards for potty training, as well as give you some tips on how to make the most out of them.

1. Praise and Encouragement

Not all rewards necessarily need to be of the material kind. Everyone, kids include, enjoys being praised for their accomplishments, so don’t be afraid to just start things off with a “Yay!” or some excited clapping when they start to show success.

This can work well as a way to encourage them while still trying to understand the various stages of potty training, and you can save the other rewards for the big milestones and major accomplishments like getting through a day completely dry.

2. Dollar Store Rewards Box

First, take a trip to the dollar store and choose some inexpensive little toys that your child will like. This is a great, cost-effective way to have a steady supply of rewards to use during potty training. Simple things like cars, blocks, or other small toys work great.

Now is where things will really get fun for your child (and perhaps you as well). Wrap up the toys and put them in what you can call the “Rewards Box.” You can even decorate the box and have your child help. When your child meets a milestone, let them choose a package to unwrap from the box.

You’re certainly aware of how much kids look forward to opening presents, so I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how much this will motivate your child to do whatever they need to do to get their chance at going for a dip in the rewards box!

3. Stickers

A sticker chart is a trick that works very well for a lot of parents as most young children love stickers. Placing them up on a chart as they have success is an easy to understand way for them to keep up with their progress.

Why is this so important? The stickers will help to remind them of the times they were successful, even when the inevitable setbacks along the way show their ugly face. Seeing that they’ve been able to do it before could be just the motivation they need to stick with it.

If your child is progressing a little slower and you’re worried about them getting discouraged, break things down into smaller goals. For example, if you’ve been giving stickers for a successful potty trip and aren’t having any luck, try giving stickers for the steps along the way.

Your child could then receive a sticker for smaller things like sitting on the potty for 5 minutes (whether they go or not), flushing the toilet, or washing their hands afterwards. This way, they’ll feel like they’re making progress and will be encouraged to try for more!

You can make it even more fun for your child by letting them choose some fun stickers that reflect their likes, interests and personality. Soon, they’ll be putting all their effort into making sure they get a new sticker of their favorite superhero or cartoon character.

4. Certificates

Not all kids will respond to stickers, but receiving a certificate just like mommy or daddy got for graduating or completing some other important milestone can be a big deal to many children.

When your little one starts to master some of the key parts of the potty training process, reward them with a certificate that highlights their achievement and progress. You can make it even more thrilling by incorporating a favorite character.

If your child is particularly interested in doing what the big kids do, these can be very effective. While they might still see stickers as for “little kids,” receiving a certificate can make them feel grown up and important.

You don’t necessarily have to create these from scratch. Just a quick search online should turn up plenty of customizable templates for you to choose from.

5. Blowing Bubbles

Remember the simple joy of blowing bubbles as a kid? This is one activity that never gets old! Reward your child for a successful milestone by letting them play with a bubble blower during playtime.

6. Coloring Books/Crayons

Indulge your kid’s creative side with a mini coloring book and some crayons. This can provide endless hours of fun and depending on the kind of coloring book you choose, it can also be calming and relaxing for them too.

As an added bonus, you can keep them with the potty so that they can double as boredom busters if your child needs to spend some time on the potty. If you need a few pages in a hurry, you can find plenty on Momspire’s Coloring Pages Pinterest board!

7. Big Kid Underwear

The ultimate goal of potty training is obviously to get out of diapers and stay out of them. Try taking your child to the store and letting them pick out some “big kid” underwear on their own.

You can then use them as an incentive. Since they had a hand in picking them out, your child will likely be more motivated to stay dry so that they’ll be rewarded by getting to wear them, and you’re rewarded by getting one step closer to losing the diapers for good!

8. Candy in Moderation

This one is last on the list of potty training rewards for one simple reason. Many parents feel that giving your child candy and other sweets when they have potty success can lead them to expect it anytime they behave.

Obviously, we don’t want to overindulge our children and candy should be enjoyed in moderation. While these treats can certainly be a part of your potty training rewards, ensure that you’re using other methods and only giving them 1 or 2 pieces at a time at most.

Well, I hope this has sparked more than few ideas in your mind about how you can properly motivate your child as you both go on the difficult but stressful journey of potty training. If you’re still having trouble, try watching this video where a mom named Carol explains how she successfully trained her child after some initial struggles. Good luck!

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