How to Throw a Potty Training Party

Hosting a potty training party is a fun and easy way to help your child and their friends take that big step. Whether your child is just getting started or you’re celebrating some big successes, potty training parties help to introduce this new experience in an inviting and exciting way.

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Now let’s get started on some of the important things you’ll want to cover to make your a party both fun and productive!

1. Decorate the Potty Room

Potty training parties are all about teaching your kids to use the bathroom. What better way to make kids feel like they can “go” than to decorate your bathroom? Hang streamers, decorate the door and make the room exciting.

Make sure the kids know exactly where the bathroom is. Place removable stickers on the floor, like paw prints, that lead right to the bathroom door. You can also use something like painter’s tape and create arrows.

Anything that helps eliminate confusion because confusion can make the difference between success and failure.

2. Drinks and Snacks

Get a variety of drinks and snacks that your toddler and their friends like. This is a party after all! Have fun snacks and finger foods like candies, cupcakes and chips. Anything the kids can enjoy and get their hands on if they get hungry.

Add party themed eats like cookies with underwear shaped icing. Remember to avoid items that other kids could be allergic to such as foods containing nuts. If you don’t know everyone’s allergies, contact the parents and double check with them. It’s better to be extra safe.

3. Give Prizes for Going Potty

When they “go” make it exciting! Let them ring a bell or choose a prize out of a treasure chest. Get a fun pack of stickers with popular Disney characters, little plastic figures – anything your kid and their friends would love to have.

These things can be found at a discount dollar store or craft supply store. Don’t think too long and hard. Kids will love just about anything that appeals to their age group, and if it has a Disney princess or action figure on it, all the better.

4. Have Fun Activities

Sitting around waiting for the kids to have to “go” will put too much pressure on the kids. Gather fun and entertaining toys, books, games, coloring books, etc. to keep everyone occupied and having fun. Plan fun potty themed games like a diaper toss.

The more you can keep the kids focused on the party theme the better. This will help later on when you’re still potty training. You can remind your kid how fun the party was and how everyone won prizes for “going.”

For some kids potty training can be boring or even frustrating so being able to remind them of all the fun they had will keep their enthusiasm up.

5. Set A Timer

Set a timer to go off every 20-30 minutes during the party. When the timer goes off, tell everyone it’s time to try to go potty and encourage them to line up and each take their turn in the bathroom. Try singing a song or telling a funny story.

It’s even good to have music playing so there’s no uncomfortable silence and so that other kids can’t hear them “go.” Anything to make the experience fun. If they are really reluctant to even sit on the potty offer a sticker just for sitting on there.

When they are successful in going potty in their potty chair or toilet, make a big deal out of it with a big cheer and excitement. Also keep in mind that while some kids will like lining up and trying to go potty, others won’t respond as well to the pressure.

So know your child and do what is most comfortable for them.

6. Send Them Home with “Homework”

In other words, keep the potty party going! Give each partier a sticker chart to take home to keep track of their successes. This will help keep the potty conversation going and help moms and dads keep their child’s enthusiasm up.

Now, the next time their fellow potty party friends come over to play they can show off their progress.

Don’t be discouraged if your child or others at the party don’t take to things right away. All children are going to learn and develop at their own pace, and though they may not have success during the party, it could spark an interest soon after!

This video from a mom named Carol talks about her own experiences potty training a stubborn child, and how she eventually had success. Watch it now by clicking here.

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Addendum (Oct. 19): This video from Kandoo shows some fun games you could have the children play at your party.

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