How to Potty Train in 3 Days

Potty training in 3 days sounds like some sort of beautiful but impossible dream, right? It’s not! It will take some effort and patience, but with the proper preparation and using the steps you’ll find below, you and your child will soon have all the troubles of dirty diapers behind you.

Keep reading and we’ll cover everything you need to know!

potty train in 3 days

Why potty train in 3 days?

Sure, it’d be great if we could just flip a switch and our child was magically potty trained but we all know it’s not that easy. But there’s nothing that ever said it has to take a long time either! It is possible to potty train in 3 days, and there are many many benefits to doing so.

Save Money & Help Environment: Going through diaper after diaper after gets incredibly expensive, and if your child is in daycare then you’re probably paying extra there too. Once your child has been toilet trained you’ll be saving plenty of cash and you’ll also be helping the environment.

Get Your Child Ready for School: Most pre-schools will require your child to already be toilet trained before they can begin school. Even if you’ve still got some time before your child will begin, it’s good to get it done with now so you and your child will have one less thing to stress over later.

More Fun: Ever avoided going on a trip where you’d have to fly, or seeing a movie with your child because the hassle and headache of hauling around your diaper bag was just not worth it? Of course you have! Imagine the fun you’ll have together once your child is trained!

Avoid Painful UTIs: Research has shown that children who are potty trained at an early age are less likely to have a urinary tract infection, which can be very painful for your child(1). Girls are especially at risk because their urethras are shorter and closer to the anus.

Don’t Let Your Child Be Left Behind: 9 out of 10 children are potty trained by age 3. Make sure that your child is staying ahead of their peers, or at least keeping pace, by getting this important step in their development accomplished early(2).

What ages can potty train in 3 days?

Children as young as 15 months have had success with potty training in three days, with those 18 months and older having the easiest success. It may be a bit more difficult if your child is younger, but it is absolutely still possible — and well worth it!

My child is stubborn, will this work?

You bet! The 3 day potty training method was developed to work with even the most stubborn of children. Just make sure that you follow the plan carefully and always be consistent with your child.

Will this be stressful for my child?

Nope! As long as you make sure to follow the directions carefully, this will be a positive experience for your child. The method was specifically designed to give children confidence and also to be very nurturing.

What are some signs my child is ready?

These are some common signs your child is ready to begin, though many children will be ready without showing these:

  1. You’re going through fewer diapers.
  2. They know when they need to go potty.
  3. They don’t like having dirty diapers.
  4. They’re curious about going to the toilet.
  5. They want to be a “big kid.”

Okay, so how do I get started?

Now that you’ve had your questions answered, the only thing left is to get started. I wrote and rewrote the day by day instructions to the 3 day potty training method countless times before deciding it was better to just link the video that explains it.

The method was developed by a mom named Carol who wanted to share her tips after seeing success with her 2 year old Emily following a very embarrassing shopping accident. The video goes through all you need to know including the 6 most important steps to seeing success.

You can watch the video now by clicking here. Carol’s 3 day training method has a crazy high 97% success rate so it’s well worth the watch! Good luck, and have fun planning all those fun outings you’ve been putting off! 😉

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